Words by the founder, designer and creative director



I was fortunate to have parents that always encouraged creative expression. Since I was a child I got to attend various children's evening art classes and explore different creative mediums from painting and photography to clay works, natural dyeing and nature art to name a few. However, it wasn't until I attended a summer course in my hometown at the age of twelve that I discovered sewing and using clothing as a creative language.


While studying sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, my artistic influences expanded and I was drawing inspiration from environmental art, textile arts, minimalism, Zen Buddhism, and the aesthetic philosophy of Japanese Wabi Sabi to name a few. While the concepts of my works were often spiritual, the techniques of my installations explored the lines between conceptual art and functional design, blurring the lines between fine arts techniques and craft mediums. While my initial focus was on conceptual fine arts, my inherent yearning for travel and connection with nature began to shape my lifestyle.


After college I embarked for some years of traveling and living out of my backpack for most of the year at a time. I spent time in nature in different parts of the world and as much as my influences were translated into my lifestyle they also became sewn into the clothes I would wear. Every summer, when I returned home to Finland, I would spend time sewing and designing all-natural clothing for my upcoming travels, essentially curating capsule wardrobe edits which pieces would go together. At the time the minimalist wardrobe was born more out of a practicality than a philosophy; having the freedom to move around easily while not having too many things was essential to the lifestyle. I loved and felt so connected to many of the pieces, that I wore most of them until they would literally fall apart.


Two decades later I had come around full circle and found myself yarning a simpler life. I made a decision to relocate from California and embrace a slower pace of life to live full time in Bali, close to the ocean and surf, which was essential to my process of leading a slower, creatively filled lifestyle. It was during this time that Wayla The Line was born, employing a multitude of creative mediums I had explored throughout my life and a manifestation of my dream business.


For me Wayla represents more than just a clothing brand. It is my personal invitation to you to be a part of the slow fashion movement and inquire how you define value, what is your relation to consumerism culture and how we can strive together to make a positive impact on the world. By supporting Wayla, you become an essential part of this journey - a catalyst for change.


I am immensely grateful to everyone for support and making a difference through their choices. Together, we have the power to redefine the way we consume, appreciate the beauty of simplicity, and embrace more meaningful living.


Thank you for being a part of this journey.